I am pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at the University of Cagliari, and my main research topics are Behavioral and Experimental Economics. I am a visiting Ph.D. student at Tilburg University.

Here you will find information about my research interests, publications, and current projects. My work focuses on using experimental methods to better understand how people make decisions and how institutions shape behavior.

I have a degree in Political Science, a master’s degree in Public Administration Sciences, and one in Social Business and Social Innovation.

I am particularly keen on experimental economics (other-regarding preferences), microeconomics (game theory addiction), mathematics, and statistics (and I secretly love chemistry).
What do I do when I am not a researcher? I do research. I read a lot of books, and listen to and play music. I enjoy playing chess, sports, and volunteering.

What I’m working on

Tax Evasion and Social Norms (Lab Experiment)

Strategic complements and Strategic Substitutes  (Lab Experiment)

Pro-Risk Social Behavior (Lab Experiment)

Renewable Energy Community (Choice Experiments)

Behavioural Public Policy & Administration (Mixed-methods)


Ph.D. Thesis (T.B.A.)

An Experimental Research Programme

MSc Thesis (2021)

Unknown destination. Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence in public administration.

First chapter available on Research Gate (Italian): here

B.A. Thesis (2015)

Solidarity economy and collaborative economy. Theories, sociological paths, and practical cases.